Hi! I'm Amy Schuck.

I'm a User Experience designer based near Charleston, SC.

Outside of work, I'm an amateur musician, gamer, and endurance runner.


As a UX Designer, I'm experienced in working with cross-functional teammates (often not familiar with UX) from problem definition through handoff. I'm passionate about research-driven design, simplifying complex flows, and workshopping.

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Project Hana

I led UX design and strategy for Project Hana, a new internal platform for facilitating mentorship, coaching, and peer learning at Google.

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I carry the lens of UX to my hobbies. I love advocating for the people I care about and creating quality experiences for them. In my personal endeavors, I'm always trying to find my full potential.

Musician President, Summerville Orchestra

I was elected Musician President of Summerville Orchestra in 2023. I approached my role from a UX lens— how might we make the musician experience the best that it can be? With that framing in mind, I led my team of 4 Musician's Board members to establish a process for regularly gathering musician feedback and advocating for meaningful improvements.

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Guild leader and Discord community manager

I joined the Heathen Horde gaming community in 2019 as part of their guild in Elder Scrolls Online. Since then, I've helped the community grow from a small group of strangers into a close-knit core spanning multiple games. I founded and led the Lost Ark chapter, organized an in-person retreat, created a visual identity, and actively gathered feedback from members in order to improve the community.

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Presentation at National Flute Convention 2019

As an Amateur Resources committee member of the National Flute Association, I proposed that since amateurs flutists work professionally in other fields, we can use our experience to help aspiring and professional flutists. At the 2019 annual convention, I gave a 30 minute presentation on how to get yourself online, with the goal of helping flutists get their studio websites, portfolios, flute choir sites, or businesses off the ground.

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